Lois Hechenblaikner

Lois Hechenblaikner, born 1958 in Tyrol/Austria, worked in many countries as photographer of journeys for almost 20 years. His main focus has been the change of agriculture and people because of tourism since the mid-1990s. His photographic approach is based on expressive, up-to-date documentations as well as artistic positions.

Publikationen i.e.: off piste. an alpine story (2009), Hinter den Bergen (2009), Winter Wonderland (2011).



Work series "Winter Wonderland"

Fine Art Print, sizes: 85 cm x 68 cm (edition of 6) and 137 cm x 110 cm (edition of 5)

"Ski areas that were still known as snow sure a few decades ago, now rey on snowmaking equipment due to global warming. The recent history of art knows some snow work, which deals with planned becoming snow-free. Today's winter tourism produces some sculptural work, but without knowing why and without using it for strategic advertising. But recently someone told me: He had gone down to the valley on a white run between deep green - and he liked it "

(Bernhard Kathan)


Work series "Volksmusik"

Fine Art Print, sizes: 53 cm x 43 cm (edition of 6) and 137 cm x 110 cm (edition of 5)

With systematic application photography is able to present a very broad range of social phenomena. So, Lois Hechenblaikner has been working on a long-term photogaphic project for nearly two decades: on a physiognomic approach towards the genre of popular folk music.

The production manager Ursula Stiedl once said about the TV production "Musikantenstadel": "It is the calling card of Austria in the world!" Inside popular folk music's fan audience there is a social feeling that sociologist Gerhard Schulze has called "Harmoniemilieu" (harmonious environment) in his classic work "Die Erlebnisgesellschaft - Kultursoziologie der Gegenwart".